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The timely message of singer-songwriter Bob Campbell’s political music accompanies photographer Susan Rutman’s Occupy Wall Street New York City photo montages.

  • "The Gathering"

    Bob Campbell's, voice for peace accompanies Occupy Wall Street Movement NYC video, photo montage by Susan Rutman, Oct 5-Nov 17, 2011

  • "Stand Up and Be Counted"

    Bob Campbell's music and call to action to make a better world, accompanies this video by Photographer, Susan Rutman. Occupy Wall Street, NYC, 10.5.11-11.17.11

  • "Revolution Moon"

    Singer-songwriter, Bob Campbell's music accompanies Susan Rutman's Occupy Wall Street video and photography, Zuccotti Park 11.11.11

  • "Lady in the Harbor"

    Bob Campbell's voice for peace accompanies video and photography by Susan Rutman, Occupy Wall Street, MayDay NYC 2012